est. 2022

The Powell Gray Lab is a lively collaboration, driven by intense curiosity, shared discovery, and sometimes shared baked goods.

Our vision

We’re using nucleic acid chemistry and biology to create tunable drugs and imaging agents for a variety of disease states.

Traditionally antibodies have been considered the gold standard of targeting ligands, able to specifically target desired cellular targets with high affinity. Aptamers, small nucleic acid ligands, are targeting ligands with antibody-like affinities and specificities at a fraction of the size. Our lab selects novel, stable RNA aptamers against different disease-related targets and utilizes the unique properties of those aptamers to better detect, image and treat the diseases. Our ultimate goal is to develop new clinically relevant therapeutic and imaging agents to improve patient outcomes.

lab culture

Diversity, equity and inclusion are central to our lab dynamic. We respect different lived experiences and perspectives and are committed to an inclusive, diverse and safe environment. Our differences bring new insights that make us stronger, better and more innovative scientists. Bethany is dedicated to creating a welcoming lab environment that values all lab members and to providing individualized mentoring tailored to each member’s needs.